Some of the companies we have helped with configuration, implementation and user adoption of applications

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“Workfront has made my life as a manager easier because it gives me clarity. It’s also really good for stakeholders because everyone can see what everyone else is doing.”

Personal Marketing Lead, Kiwibank

“Our WMA Team - Barry and Francis - have been superb. I really don't think we could have had better guidance and support, and the Team here has been really positive about how knowledgeable they are..”

Jeremy Hoyle, Marketing Operations Manager, Specsavers

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my brainstorming sessions with Nitin, pushing him on design & security aspects. He sometimes thinks two steps ahead as well. I think he has more knowledge of the Workfront solution than possibly any other Workfront professional.  His services have always exceeded my expectations and he makes himself available as per agreed schedules to get the work done." 

Senior Manager. Reputed international consulting firm. 

Case Studies

Schneider Electrics

Schneider Electric automates project finance and chargebacks with Workfront.


Kiwibank Automates Marketing Asset Management and Project Request, Approval, and Reporting Processes with Workfront


GWA Drives Product Innovation and Supply chain efficiency with Workfront

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